O! my heathen soul! I’m vibin’. Very different from your solo work. It goes hard, but still, very spirit based. Music to perform rituals to. I can’t wait to hear the rest.


Heather O'Shaughnessy ~ Sorceress and Tarot Reader ~

Lady Of The Grail (for appointments ladyofthegrail@gmail.com)



Hey bass brother. Just listened to your new EP preview. Love it! Very beautiful voice and ethereal musings in music. Thank you! I'll definitely be getting a copy when it's out. 


Kirstie Blaik ~ Former Administrator at Bass Players United



 You guys fucking rock. In the Absence of Light and Mokosh. I LOVE the progression of the music in Mokosh, but holy hell the vocals in the Absence of Light.

If I have to say something about the album in its entirety, it felt very cohesive and thought out.


 Joshua "Godot" Waselewski ~ Hack Wit Unplugged