Reviews for Joseph's Solo Albums


"This album has been a long time coming so I was very eager to finally listen to it. This album is set up like a play, and I honestly believe it was the best approach. There is a method! You can NOT just listen to it. No. You HAVE to read the story first. Otherwise, it won't make sense. After you read the old story, the music will take you through the journey of the new story.  As you start each act, you need to read each explanation. Don't read ahead! Read them as each act starts. The written entries are only to guide you. The music is what takes you on the journey.  Joseph has a way of transporting you to his world through his music. You can visualize the journey and feel the emotions through every note. I knew he was talented but I was honestly left amazed. It was such an emotional experience! It had me crying and smiling all throughout.  I recommend you set time aside to be able to really lose yourself in the story. This is not an album in which you can just set in the background. To really enjoy it, you need to lose yourself in it." 

Daniela M. D'Elia    -    Selenite Art Studio 


"Wow, what a journey! It's so... LIQUID. It sounds liquidy and flowy - like water running over smooth rocks. Then at times it's not - it's beats and driving. So many different feels that correspond to all the different emotions. The darkness is so intense during the forest scene. Then sometimes some of the songs sound like Rush from the first 3 albums! It's wild. So much to say, but I loved all of it. How it comes out of the dark and into the light with hope and peace. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it from start to finish, and reading it from start to finish." 

Brett Zwerdling    -    MAHARAL 



"My goodness!! I've listened to this CD so many times since the last time Joseph and I saw each other! My heart hurts for him after listening to it, but I truly admire his strength and rejuvenation for life now. I really understand how his passion for music echoes his passion for life...      And it is absolutely beautiful. Truly and deeply." 

Bonnie "Wildflower" Fisher    -    John Hopkins 



"I love This CD by Joseph I. Blackfeather It is best served through Bose speakers while doing as little else as possible. The music, crisp strings, sound effects, vocal inserts and full-scale storytelling are superb. Well done, my friend, and well worth the wait." 

Annette Ritter    -    Team Beachbody Connection 



I've listened to Joseph's new CD and was very impressed by what he created. I'm very pleased with the purchase and highly recommend it. Ty for listening journey and the story behind the tracks. Quick shipping and packaged beautifully. ☆☆☆☆☆ (5 STARS) 

Rev HPs Kim Consoli    -    The Order of Avalon


"PEOPLE! GOOD MUSIC ALERT! Joseph Blackfeather released his new album "The Beautiful Darkness of a Midnight Snow - (a winter's tale)" which I am listening to at the moment. It is absolutely beautiful - soft and sparkly, like the frosty glistening of unspoiled snow lit only by a full moon on a wintery night. I am so so so enjoying his music while working - it's making my long day enjoyable. The CD has a story and explanation behind every song, adding depth and meaning to the experience. Please support and purchase this album; you won't be sorry." 

- Brett Alexander Zwerdling    ~    MAHARAL 



 "The Beautiful Darkness of a Midnight Snow" - (a winter's tale), the new album by Joseph Blackfeather is a must-have. What a talented musician. This will make the best Christmas gift. I also loved the two bonus tracks with the Christmas songs. Happy Christmas!" 

- Maryam Nasr Sardari   ~   The Core Shift  - Empowerment Coaching 



"You should really compose music for shows and movies. I am really loving your winter solstice album as I’m cooking and doing things around the house. I could see your music on some of these Netflix shows I watch. The Magicians for example...The band Massive Attack scored some of the music for that show last season.  Did you play the piano too? This is amazing, thank you for gifting me a cd." 

- Jessica Piper   -   Piper-Bella Designs