A sneak peek at who they are and where they come from

We are not your typical music duo. We are a Rock, Operatic, Theatrical, Storytelling, and Dark Mythical music duo.

We are storytellers but not like those here in this world. We gather our stories from the experience, knowledge, energies, and strong medicines that we've picked up during our travels from realm to realm as well as the long forgotten stories once told by the elders. Our stories are about things people can't see or may not believe. We go deeper into the farthest depths of the soul where dreams are real, putting them all together to create unique music for you and all beings in all realms throughout the many Universes hoping to make your hearts and spirits happy.



Coming together to form a music duo while both Joseph and Marysa were on their own long journies. Combining songwriting styles from different realms of musical backgrounds and storytelling. A unique Hard Rock, and Operatic Theatrical sound and show with the elements of Mythical, Ambience, and Dark Mist was created. With Joseph’s music and Marysa's vocals, They are,... 
The Hidden Realm


Joseph and Marysa, have journeyed throughout many universes and galaxies. The beauty and uniqueness of the Earth convinced them to pause and dwell for some time just to explore and learn. But when the poison started to spread throughout the lands, Marysa and her traveling partner Joseph decided to go on separate journeys in search of a cure. 

Joseph, a member of the Trollkors high council who combines his spiritual beliefs, magic, and science, ventured to find the cure, and Marysa, a spaceologist with the ability to find and enter parallel worlds, left to seek answers in a second version of Earth. When they reunited on this Earth again, they hope to bring peace, balance, healings, and a sense of wonder through their stories and music.