Original song by: Sarah McLachlan
From The Album: Solace
Released: 01-28-1992
Artista Records

Written by: Sarah McLachlan

Re-Created and Recorded 06-08-2020 by: The Hidden Realm®
©2020 Walk Alone Rcrds® ASCAP & The Hidden Realm®

All Music (bass, rhythm and lead guitar, keys, drum programming) and all Voicing, Backing and Harmony Vocals Performed by Joseph Isaac
All Lead Vocals Performed by: Marysa Leigh

Recorded, Engineered, Mixed, Arranged, Edited, and Mastered by Joseph Isaac at Blackfeather Arts Studio

This is not our song. Nor do we claim the rights to this song. All rights go to Sarah McLachlan. It was re-created merely for the joy of playing music. It is not for sale or to profit from in any way. It is strictly for us to enjoy playing and you to enjoy listening.